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Catharina grew up in the Westman area with strong family background in both business & farming. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2012, attaining a degree in business and worked in the housing industry in Edmonton before moving back to Manitoba to pursue real estate. Catharina has been working closely with her father, Henry Carels and has completed her real estate licensing course. Catharina is excited to join the Canadian Farm Realty team and is looking forward to starting her new career. View recently sold properties and farm videos at
Region Listing Primary Farm Type County /
Acreage List Price Image
  Manitoba 00000000000006674 Grain RM of Whitewater 1221.00 $4,495,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009335 Grain RM of Dauphin, Gilbert Plains 2870.00 $3,545,000.00 Image
Cond Manitoba 00000000000009468 Grain RM of Souris-Glenwood, Oakland-Wawanesa 1064.00 $2,895,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000008671 Grain RM of Winchester 1277.00 $2,800,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009365 Dairy RM of North Cypress 320.00 $2,650,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009043 Grain RM of Killarney-Turtle Mountain 960.00 $2,600,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009253 Grain RM of Dauphin, Gilbert Plains 1910.00 $2,200,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009368 Grain RM of Gilbert Plains 944.00 $2,175,000.00 Image
Cond Manitoba 00000000000009594 Grain RM of Riding Mountain West 1433.00 $2,085,100.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009061 Bare land RM of Boissevain-Morton 795.00 $2,075,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009168 Beef/cattle RM of Prairie View 1313.00 $1,350,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009161 Grain RM of Prairie Lakes 472.00 $985,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009671 Grain RM of Glenboro-South Cypress 317.00 $975,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009062 Grain RM of Cornwallis 131.40 $875,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009105 Bare land RM of Winchester 477.29 $832,250.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009104 Bare land RM of Boissevain-Morton 318.43 $675,500.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009210 Bare land RM of Boissevain/Morton 318.00 $635,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000008870 Grain RM of Whitehead 320.00 $595,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009597 Bare land RM of Oakland-Wawanesa 308.35 $565,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009552 Hobbyfarm RM of Oakland-Wawanesa 80.00 $565,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009211 Bare land RM of Boissevain/Morton 320.00 $550,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009598 Bare land RM of Oakland-Wawanesa 307.00 $545,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009480 Hobbyfarm Town of Minnedosa 7.17 $496,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009063 Beef/cattle RM of Grassland 160.00 $435,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009103 Bare land RM of Boissevain-Morton 316.00 $410,000.00 Image
Cond Manitoba 00000000000009479 Hobbyfarm RM of Souris-Glenwood 20.50 $355,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009370 Grain RM of Ethelbert 320.00 $325,000.00 Image
  Manitoba 00000000000009212 Bare land RM of Winchester 160.00 $283,000.00 Image
Sold Manitoba 00000000000009414 Grain RM of Oakview 136.20 $227,000.00 Image

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