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General News
FEB. 23/17 Canadian Wildlife Federation wants Ottawa to protect prairie grasslands
FEB. 23/17 Province puts money into promoting local food
FEB. 23/17 Health Canada approves sale of irradiated ground beef, says can reduce bacteria
FEB. 22/17 Maple syrup producers blame climate change for production drop
FEB. 22/17 To take advantage of coming agriculture 'revolution' Canada needs investment, says expert
FEB. 22/17 Floods that saturated Louisiana also damaged its seed rice
FEB. 21/17 NASA aims to measure vital snow data from satellites
FEB. 21/17 Quebec turns up the maple syrup taps amid internal revolt, foreign competition
FEB. 21/17 Horse lovers flock to Saskatchewan Equine Expo
FEB. 17/17 Sask. canola producers could see new pest this season
FEB. 17/17 Canada's first ever Agriculture Day highlights winter farming
FEB. 17/17 Canadian wheat farmers concerned about pasta labelling in Italy
FEB. 16/17 Albertans reminded wildfire season begins March 1
FEB. 16/17 Canada's biggest market for peas, lentils in doubt
FEB. 16/17 ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
FEB. 15/17 Food banks growing own food - even farming fish - as donations decline
FEB. 15/17 Averting Risks to the Food Chain
FEB. 15/17 Alberta farmer takes to frozen field to salvage oat crop, video goes viral
FEB. 14/17 Brad Wall touring agriculture plants to promote Sask. ingredients
FEB. 14/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged
FEB. 14/17 Abalimi Bezekhaya: Improving Food Security
FEB. 13/17 Europe feels pinch as Spain's vegetable fields suffer
FEB. 13/17 Nearly 200,000 under evacuation orders near California dam
FEB. 13/17 ICE Futures Canada Friday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
FEB. 10/17 ICE Futures Canada Thursday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
FEB. 10/17 Farmers looking for love sought by German television reality show
FEB. 10/17 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Key Pollinator Fights for Survival
FEB. 09/17 Province wants feedback on next agricultural policy framework
FEB. 09/17 ICE Futures Canada Wednesday: Canola futures prices mostly lower, barley unchanged
FEB. 09/17 Chicken farmers say processors treat them like servants
FEB. 08/17 Islander produces trap to prevent potato-eating wireworm
FEB. 08/17 Road hog: police in small town Manitoba called to catch pig blocking traffic
FEB. 08/17 Health Canada to randomly test medical pot after unauthorized pesticides found
FEB. 07/17 Food safety agency to determine bovine tuberculosis outbreak in Alberta
FEB. 07/17 Feds' growth panel to push plans for future job skills, helping more women work
FEB. 07/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
FEB. 06/17 Broccoli, lettuce rationing in U.K. as vegetables run out
FEB. 06/17 City report encourages community gardens to improve food access
FEB. 06/17 B.C. fruit growers consider national proposal to revitalize orchards
FEB. 03/17 Regina Food Bank launches greenhouse to grow fresh food year-round
FEB. 03/17 Mexico exports no longer just avocados, tequila
FEB. 03/17 New Brunswick farmer vows to appeal in massive-pile-of-manure case
FEB. 02/17 Low supplies could lead to bacon shortage
FEB. 02/17 Chasing a cow with a drone? Utah bill would put you in jail
FEB. 02/17 Nearly 4,000 pigs killed in barn fire in southwestern Ontario, police investigate
FEB. 01/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged
FEB. 01/17 'Pretty sad day": Fire destroys Saskatchewan village's grain elevator
FEB. 01/17 Africa's First Postharvest Loss Reduction Innovation Conference and Competition
JAN. 31/17 Premier's office received complaint against Pierre Paradis in the fall
JAN. 31/17 Bringing the field into the classroom: How farmers are working with N.L. schools
JAN. 31/17 Manitoba forecasters say major flooding possible in province this year
JAN. 30/17 Saskatchewan government says Tundra Energy owns pipeline that leaked crude oil
JAN. 30/17 Saputo moves to buy remaining 12% of Australia's Warrnambool dairy business
JAN. 30/17 Mike Koch on the True Cost of Food
JAN. 27/17 Conserving the soil earns farmer award recognition
JAN. 27/17 Amber Trails School's garden growing into state-of-the-art $6-million outdoor classroom
JAN. 27/17 PotashCorp says Q4 profit hit by weak prices, low margins for its fertilizers
JAN. 26/17 Carbon tax won't adversely hurt Saskatchewan: Trudeau
JAN. 26/17 Farm to table in high demand during winter months
JAN. 26/17 Quebec agriculture minister leaves cabinet, cites health reasons
JAN. 25/17 Red River Basin Commission warns of flood season this year in Manitoba
JAN. 25/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
JAN. 25/17 Saskatchewan pipeline leak reaction criticized as too slow by Greenpeace
JAN. 24/17 Many farmers still need training after Lake Erie algae
JAN. 24/17 ICE Futures Canada Monday: Canola futures prices mostly lower, barley unchanged
JAN. 24/17 Pipeline breach southeast of Regina leaks 200,000 litres of crude oil
JAN. 23/17 France to investigate food additive that harmed rats
JAN. 23/17 Sask. Green Party leader Shawn Setyo advocates for carbon tax alternative
JAN. 23/17 Cow tests positive for rabies in Perth County
JAN. 20/17 Advocates optimistic regulations for animal rescues coming to Nova Scotia
JAN. 20/17 U.S. challenges wine sales in B.C., seeks shelf space for American producers
JAN. 20/17 ICE Futures Canada Thursday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
JAN. 19/17 Bottled water companies could soon pay $500 per million litres taken
JAN. 19/17 New pea-processing plant in the works near Portage la Prairie
JAN. 19/17 Invasive agricultural pest found in Kelowna
JAN. 18/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices higher, barley unchanged
JAN. 18/17 The world wants Canadian beef and pork
JAN. 18/17 Canadian crops battle for acres
JAN. 17/17 Chocothon Seeks to Save Cocoa Production in Ghana
JAN. 17/17 Ambassador Darci Vetter: "Food and agriculture policy are critical"
JAN. 17/17 The Future of Food is in Cooperatives
JAN. 16/17 Fish and chirps? Crickets make leap in demand as a protein
JAN. 16/17 U.S. lifts French beef import embargo, France says
JAN. 16/17 ICE Futures Canada Friday: Canola futures prices lower, barley unchanged
JAN. 13/17 U.S. dairy groups push for Trump to target Canadian dairy policies
JAN. 13/17 Quebec dairy processors Saputo and Agropur lay off 346 workers in Atlantic Canada
JAN. 13/17 How high is too high for a pile of chicken droppings?
JAN. 11/17 Rusty patched bumblebee declared endangered
JAN. 11/17 Sask. crop research funding receives more than $7M boost
JAN. 11/17 ICE Futures Canada Tuesday: Canola futures prices mostly higher, barley unchanged
JAN. 10/17 Ontario brewery creates special Fogo Island inspired beer
JAN. 10/17 'Bright future' for agriculture, says Emo, Ont. farme
JAN. 10/17 Crop production show in Saskatoon talks all things agriculture including canary seed
JAN. 09/17 Better broadband will be boon to farmers, prof says
JAN. 09/17 How Homeowners Can Help Restore Carbon
JAN. 06/17 CFIA says no new bovine TB cases, cheques sent to some ranches under quarantine
JAN. 06/17 Sustainable Spirits from Hawaiian Sugarcane
JAN. 06/17 'Moving away from the fear factor:' Bringing insects into mainstream diets
JAN. 05/17 Mexican vets sue Idaho dairy farm for human trafficking
JAN. 05/17 Entrepreneurs working to bring insects into mainstream diets

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